Supported Platforms

Platform name teectl setup
Docker Swarm
DockerEE - Swarm
DockerEE - Kubernetes
Rancher 2


Here is an overview of the required ports used by the TraefikEE nodes. Those ports must be available on the host. Keep in mind that the entrypoints defined in the static configuration also bind ports on the proxy nodes.

Port Name Mode Node Type Comments
4242 * control internal Controller internal cluster management
8484 distributed internal Proxy management of distributed features, like connection/rate limiting
55055 * teectl internal/public Controller teectl api access

* default values, these ports can be changed in the configuration

The internal ports must be available between nodes, no external exposure is required. Those marked with internal/public can be assigned according to the users preference and security requirements.

In addition to those TCP ports, all nodes must have outgoing access to port 53 under TCP and UDP protocols, used for DNS resolution.

To finish, the controllers must have access to on port 443/TCP.