Activate the Dashboard on another Entry-point

The dashboard is the central place that shows you the current state of your TraefikEE installation, such as: Metrics, currently handled routes, license information and more.

In order to expose the TraefikEE dashboard through TraefikEE on a specific new entrypoint, you have to modify both your files data-node-replicated.yml (or data-node-global.yml) and control-node.yml.

In data-node-replicated.yml/data-node-global.yml, expose the port of the entrypoint you want to create. (in the example, 8181) In control-node.yml, add the Traefik labels that allow access to the dashboard:

    traefik.enable: "true" # Allow exposing the service
    traefik.port: "8080" # Port to access in the service
    traefik.backend: "dashboard" # Backend name (optional)
    traefik.frontend.auth.basic: "test:$$apr1$$KjVfcavu$$9jH2m7KDVqqalzGq68.aQ1" # Example of basic auth, here user=test password=test (optional)
    traefik.frontend.rule: "Host:your_domain" # Frontend rule to access to the service with your_domain the domain to match (more information: https://docs.traefik.io/v1.7/basics/#matchers)
    traefik.docker.network: "traefikee-net" # The swarm network of the service TraefikEE has to use to access to the service
    traefik.frontend.entryPoints: dashboard-entrypoint # Only expose the service on this entrypoint (if missing, service will be reachable from all the default entrypoint (option --defaultentrypoints in the traefikeectl deploy command))

The labels above habe different functions. You find more about that in the official Traefik docs

Then, launch the command described below to allow access to the dashboard from the new dashboard-entrypoint entryPoint:

traefikeectl deploy --docker.swarmmode --entryPoints='Name:dashboard-entrypoint Address::8181' --entryPoints='Name:http Address::80' --entryPoints='Name:https Address::443 TLS' --defaultentrypoints=http,https --clustername=your_cluster_name # With your_cluster_name your cluster name