Customize the Dashboard URL

The dashboard is configured by utilizing the configuration options of traefikeectl install. If you want to change the address the dashboard is getting served on via an Ingress, you have to set the dashboard.host value in your values.yaml.

In order to change the path, set the dashboard.path volume in your values.yml.

Customize the Dashboard Authentication

The basic authentication set for the dashboard can be customized by selecting another secret to take the value out of, from the dashboard.secretName value.

Store the Authentication Secret

Use htpasswd to create a file containing the username and the MD5-encoded password

'''shell tab="Command" cat auth '''

'''shell tab="Output" myusername:$apr1$78Jyn/1K$ERHKVRPPlzAX8eBtLuvRZ0 '''

Use kubectl to create a secret in the monitoring namespace using the file created by htpasswd.

kubectl create secret generic mysecret --from-file auth --namespace="monitoring"

Disable Authentication

You can disable the whole authentication for the dashboard by setting dashboard.insecure to true.

Change the Service Type

In order to change the service type for the dashboard, set the dashboard.type value to one of the following

  • ingress
  • service-loadbalancer
  • service-nodeport