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One-Line Installation of Traefik Enterprise Edition on Docker Swarm mode

This page guides you through the installation of TraefikEE (Traefik Enterprise Edition) on Docker Swarm Mode.

Docker Knowledge

Assistance with configuring or setting up a Docker Swarm Mode cluster are not included in this guide. If you need more information about Docker and Swarm, start with the following resources:


  • The traefikeectl tool installed

  • A Docker Swarm cluster:

    • Supported versions: 17.06 to 18.09
    • Access to the Docker engine of the swarm managers, using the docker command line
    • At least 3 managers and 1 worker

One-Line Installation

To install TraefikEE in Docker Swarm Mode, use the traefikeectl install command line described in the Getting Started page, and add the option --swarm:

traefikeectl install \
  --licensekey="XXXXXXXXX" \
  --dashboard \

The previous command installs TraefikEE on your Docker Swarm infrastructure, with the following elements:

  • A Control Plane with 1 node per Docker Swarm manager
  • A Data Plane with 1 node per Docker Swarm worker

All the available installation options are listed on the traefikeectl Reference Page.

Validate Installation

Validate that the TraefikEE cluster is installed correctly:

traefikeectl list-nodes
Name                                            Role
----                                            ----
traefikee-control-node-1                        CONTROL NODE
data-node-traefikee-data-node-68d856488c-5vx5n  DATA NODE
data-node-traefikee-data-node-68d856488c-stgns  DATA NODE
traefikee-control-node-2                        CONTROL NODE
traefikee-control-node-0                        CONTROL NODE (Current Leader)

Your TraefikEE on Docker Swarm cluster is ready.


The cluster can be uninstalled with traefikeectl uninstall:

traefikeectl uninstall

More information about the uninstall options can be found on the traefikeectl Reference Page.